The Start of A Journey

Your Tour Director make itĀ  Smooth & Easy


Your Tour Director! A Trained Professional

Our Talented, Educated, and highly Experienced Tour Directors will not only show you the sites but will painstakingly educate you on their meaning as well, giving you a stimulating and enriching experience.
Bush ArtAfrica Safaris Tour Directors are reliable with friendly and outgoing personalities and always thriving on meeting people, love to share their knowledge and experience and most of all, you can count on them to help you make the most of each passing day. Smoothing the way for you in each place as well as delivering interesting running commentary. They have keenness of details and understand their place.

Planning and putting togetherĀ  an African Adventure Safari is nothing but Easy.

Your choice of a Destination Management Team will usually determine the success of your Tour. The Services of a Tour Director Professional or otherwise is really a requisite ingredient of a guaranteed Success in any African Adventure Safari.

It is very difficult to explicitly place the Responsibilities of a Tour Director on any given SAFARI, other than being a Travelling Companion! Educator! Cultural and Environmental Expert all rolled into one. But most important is that with a Professional Tour Director, the success of your Tour is guaranteed.

At Bush ArtAfrica Safaris Ltd, knows well the importance of a successful Adventure Safari and thus has always invested in engaging men and women who know their game in the industry.

Whether you are joining a Tour Group, or undertaking a special group Safari including a Family Adventure Safari, your Tour Director will always make you feel unique and appreciated and lifelong Bonds of friendships couple with great memories awaits you.