Our Choice of Accommodations

Your Home away from Home

Excellent Services  both in the Rooms and in the Restaurants, Comfort is never Compromised

Home & Away

With our experience of the region, we are able to put together some of the finest accommodations in the region.  Nothing beats a nice shower, a hot meal and a nice bed to retire to after a wonderful journey from one region to another or after a well deserved and successful game run.

We have therefore not spared our expertise at ensuring your comfort at all time. Most of our city hotel accommodations are 5Star and when you go out into the Wild Country your stay  will be in 4 and 5 Star lodges as well as Luxury Camps. Each designed to conform to Environmental Conservation.

All the Lodges and Camps have excellent communication networks with the outside world thus giving you increased comfort in case you want to get in touch with loved ones back home.

Exquisite Meals

Homely & Comfortable

Wonderful Amenities

Calming the Nerves! Therapeutic Serenity of the Camps: Peace of Mind

The Rigors of Life!

Hectic moments as we seek to establish Instability and Secure a Comfortable for our Progeny does take a big Toll on Human Nerves

There is nothing that Equals an Eye Opening Adventure Safari in Africa.
The Tranquility of Nature! The Distant Snorting of the Hippos coupled with the Singing Weaver Birds will bring Sanity back into your LIFE.

Buzzing calmly, the Cicadas will sooth you to sleep at night… Only to be woken up by the Howling Hyenas reminding you that you are INDEED in the African Bush.

Breakfast at the Camp Terrace overlooking the Great River as the Crocodiles explicitly exibit the true meaning of Freedom on the Saavannah. Busking in the Morning Sun.