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BushArt Soaring

bushArt Soaring

Magical Air Safaris ...

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    The beauty of Birds

    Bird Watching seeks for an intricate interest in finer details of Nature. Once you have created and gained an interest in understanding Nature, Bird Watching (Birdding) as is mostly reffered to becomes you inthing.Kenya and indeed East Africa will definatelyoffer you a great oportunity to practice you bird watching enthusiasm. Welcome
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  • lioness

    Here..Wildlife is King

    Wildlife Safaris as is mostly referred, really involved more that just the travel. It calls for a greater interest in Photography and observation of these wonderful, creations and their behaviour. This calls for a greater interest in Art and combination of color patterns on various African Wildlife... Why the Spots and stripes you may ask? The Answer lies on coming face to face with these Beauties.. East Africa especially Kenya is where such an experience can be natured
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  • Tsavo Park

    Our Parks! Our Heritage....

    From the clear and warm  waters of the Indian Ocean Coral gardens,Kenya has a diversity of landscapes and vistas of the continent of Africa rolled into ONE. The dry and vast Tsavo with both Volcanic lava and Sedimentary Rocky Taita hills to the slopes of both Mt, Kilimanjaro and Mt.Kenya,to the Great Rift Valley with great lakes both fresh and alkaline. All this is but a refuge for when you seek to Run Away from the daily hussles and bustle of Life's heavy workloads. Kenya and EAST AFRICA is SURELY the PLACE  to be
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  • tented rooms

    Home and Away!

    Eco-Lodges, Solid Lodges, as well as luxury Camps are your homes away from home, during your visit to Kenya. Lodges and Camps as well as City 5 Star Hotels have all it takes to cater for your comfort. Well Priced and friendly to your pocket, a place for everyone in your family. Kenya and East Africa awaits you.
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    • MOJA TU: James, Dan & Sam were a JOY! I would and will recommend Bush ArtAfrica to friends and family.
    • DIANE BURTON:The Kenya safaris James provided me and my family were most excellent. Met and exceeded our expectations for quantity and variety of animals seen.January 27, 2013, Diane and the Burton Family were Bush ArtAfrica Safaris's clients in 2012.

    • Eco Tourism hotspots

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Our Services

  • art  designs

    The beauty of Nature observed up close..

    Knowing that the time of “has been there done that” is slowly coming to an end, we have put together the finest team of tourism experts to be at your service and to ensure that every detail is covered and taken care of to the best of your satisfaction. We have endeavored to bring out NATURE’S DESIGN in such a way that the Big Five is not just a group of five sought out after animals but are part of a design specifically put there for you to see. The relationship between you and the environment, the colors of the flowers and the blades of the grasses, the leaves of the acacia and the thorns are not just there spontaneously but have a meaning. The horn shapes and formation as well as the markings on the Antelopes, the stripes of the Zebras and the Giraffes are nothing but a CANVAS for your IMAGINATIONS
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  • your guides

    Your tour director: The Trained Professional....

    Our Talented, Educated, and highly Experienced Tour Directors will not only show you the sights but will painstaking educate you on their meaning as well giving you a stimulating and enriching experience. Bush ArtAfrica Safaris Tour Directors are reliable with friendly and outgoing personalities and always thriving on meeting people, love to share their knowledge and experience and most of all, you can count on them to help you make the most of each passing day. Smoothening the way for you in each place as well as delivering interesting running commentary. They have keenness of details and understand their place.
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  • our transport

    Our Transport, your comfort....

    Knowing  Africa, its terrain,  Bushes, Savanna, we have put in place, a fleet of very well maintain mini-buses and 4 wheel drive land cruisers that are designed to give you the best of comfort while leaving some room for an African Experience. For best viewing and photography, we fit 6 people maximum in our vehicles, thus have window seat guaranteed. Since we take your luggage with you in the same bus, we have modified the buses to have some space for luggage at the back, so your travel is more or less self contained.    
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  • game sporters

    Experienced game spotters

    Nothing beats the "hawk-eyed"  driver/games spotters when it come to getting you there. Ours are men who have put together years of frisking the Savannas and the African woodlands knowing every turn and brushes. Their experience at getting you to various territories of the various cats and the grazing herbs will leave you wondering in EWE.  Mainly Africans and natives of the regions visited, these professionals will augments the information passed on to you by the tour director as well as share with you their childhood experiences as you drive from one region to another, stop at roadside markets to enable you sample the many fruits and specialties of the countries visited and get a chance to meet with the local peoples adding more flavor to your holiday.
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    Accommodations (Lodges, Camps & Hotels)

    With our experience of the region, we are able to put together some of the finest accommodations in the region.  Nothing beats a nice shower, a hot meal and a nice bed to retire to after a wonderful journey from one region to another or after a well deserved and successful game run. We have therefore not spared our expertise at ensuring your comfort at all time. Most of our city hotel accommodations are FIVE STAR  and when you go out into the wild country you stay in FOUR START lodges and Camp. Each designed to conform to Environmental Conservation.
    All the lodges have good communication with the outside world thus giving you increased comfort in case you want to get in touch with loved ones back home.
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  • crew behind

    The support of " The Crew behind the scenes"

    After many years of negotiating, planning and designing tour programmes, the professionals behind the scenes at Bush ArtAfrica
    mostly remembered after your return home) are able to ensure smooth running of the programmes, guaranteed value for money pricing having gotten good deals for you at the various accommodations and Game Reserves. Every mile covered is screened by these professionals to ensure your enjoyments. Fortunately these men and women are able to give their best without requiring a pat on the back thus our guarantee to you for a HOLIDAY OF A LIFE TIME. 
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  • on aboard

    Come on Aboard!!

    Why wait until your neighbor, work colleague, boss or doctor return home from their African trip to tell about it, so that you can make a decision! Come on! Get you courage together and come aboard and let us treat you to a tour of a LIFE TIME.
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